Case IH tractors with planters in field using Precision Planting technology

Precision Planting

Making Every Seed Count

Precision Planting products are being used by thousands of farmers every year to increase the efficiency of their planting operation. Precision Planting products will help you achieve greater accuracy in seed placement, optimum seedbed conditions, and faster planting speeds that result in quick, even emergence. At Titan Machinery, we have the trained staff and service technicians to help you pick and install the right Precision Planting system components for your planter and operation. From meters to monitors to seed delivery products and more, you can trust the experts at your local Titan Machinery dealership to partner with you to provide the products and support you need to take your seeding operation to the next level. Whether retrofitting your existing planter or speccing out a new one, the product specialists at your local Titan Machinery location are ready to provide the information you need to proceed with confidence in building the planter your operation needs.

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Meters - Consistent, even crop stands start with the right meter and drive components

  • vSet precision row-crop meters. Virtually eliminate skips and doubles regardless of seed size.
  • vDrive electric meter drive. Replaces mechanical meter drives with a simple, dependable electric-drive.
  • mSet variable seed selector. Switch between 2 seed varieties on-the-fly.
  • RowFlow meter control. Change rates and manage overlap easily and efficiently. Retrofit to most existing planters regardless of make/model.
  • vSet Select Variable seed selector. The ultimate in on-the-fly ability to switch between 2 seed varieties.

Seed Delivery – Seed tubes that don’t sacrifice accuracy for speed

  • SpeedTube high-speed seed tubes. Maintain seed singulation from the meter to the seed furrow at high planting speeds – eliminating skips and doubles.
  • WaveVision seed sensing system. Accurate in the dustiest seeding conditions.
  • BullsEye long-lasting seed tube. Minimize seed bounce that results in seed spacing inconsistency.

Downforce Control - Automated, dynamic downforce control by row or section of the planter

  • DeltaForce automatic hydraulic downforce control. Automatically maintains optimal downforce hydraulically on each row of your planter across all field conditions.
  • SeederForce automated air seeder downforce control. Automatically maintain optimal downforce hydraulically for each section or row of your air seeder across all field conditions.
  • AirForce “smart” air bag system for planters. Planter-wide dynamic downforce control utilizing an air compressor and air bag system.

Emergence - Give every seed the perfect environment to germinate and grow

  • CleanSweep adjustable row cleaner system. Allows you to adjust your trash whippers on-the-go from the cab of the tractor.
  • Keeton Seed Firmer. Assures correct seed placement in the bottom of the seed furrow.

Monitoring & Measurement - Providing the information and control you need to optimize your planter's performance

  • 20|20 Monitor. Monitor and control all the major systems and components that effect the performance of your planter.
  • SmartFirmer seed firmer sensor. Monitor seed bed conditions on-the-fly.
  • FlowSense liquid fertilizer monitoring system. Precisely measures and displays each row's liquid fertilizer rate in the cab.

Liquid Control/Delivery - For the ultimate in liquid fertilizer accuracy and placement

  • vApplyHD liquid application control system. Simple, accurate, and easy to use.
  • FurrowJet starter fertilizer placement system. Place Phosphorous starter fertilizer where it's needed most - in and near the seed furrow.
  • Conceal liquid fertilizer placement system. Places a liquid nitrogen starter fertilizer band on each side of the seed furrow for optimum plant uptake.

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